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Thomas Lans (Colloquium leader)

Thomas is assistant Professor at Education and Learning Sciences. He is one of the founding fathers and coordinator of the MSc entrepreneurship track for Wageningen University, which currently hosts about 60 MSc students from all study domains from Wageningen University. In his research he studies entrepreneurial learning in workplaces as well as in educational settings, both young research fields in which he received a best paper award in 2008 (Journal of Workplace Learning), 2017 (Human Resource Development Quarterly) and a Comenius Fellowship in 2018

Yvette Baggen

Yvette works as a postdoctoral researcher at Utrecht University, for the department of Education and the Centre for Entrepreneurship. In her research, she investigates entrepreneurial learning in different contexts, such as (higher) education and businesses. Yvette is involved in developing and conducting teacher workshops on entrepreneurship education across disciplines at Utrecht University. Also, she teaches students following the study Educational Sciences in the area of learning in organizations. Yvette completed her PhD trajectory at Wageningen University & Research. The research project was part of the European funded LLLight'in'Europe and focused on the role of employees, such as their capability to identify opportunities, in realizing innovations in small- and medium-sized businesses.

Mia Eeckhout

Mia has a PhD in agricultural science (1991) and is Professor of Food Science and Technology at the Faculty of Bioscience-engineering at Ghent University, Belgium where she is head of the research group on cereal technology. In 1998 she became quality coordinator of the educational program "Master in biosciences" and in 2013 she became chair of the program commission. Therefore besides research, her main tasks are education of undergraduate and graduate students and steering the program commission in optimizing and updating students' educational program to develop skills and competences which match the changing demands of industry and society. Since 2014 she is ICA-EDU Executive  Committee member

Carsten Nico Hjortsø

Nico has a PhD in conflict resolution in natural resource management and is presently an associate professor in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Department Food and Resource Economics, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen. Nico has published scientific work on topics such as entrepreneurship, agribusiness development, curriculum development in higher education, and research capacity building. Currently, his main research interests are 'business incubation' and 'entrepreneurship education'. During 2014 to 2016, Nico was the project manager of 'Innovation and Entrepreneurship at University of Copenhagen' – a large-scale educational development programme mainstreaming innovation and entrepreneurship teaching across all six faculties of the university. The project also supported the development of student business incubators – UCPH Innovation Hubs – located at the four major university campuses. Most of Nico's research has been conducted in a development country context. He has been engaged in research capacity building projects in Latin America, African and Asia. Recently, Nico has been involved in the 'Enhancing Agribusiness Education' project promoting innovation and entrepreneurship teaching methods in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Nigeria. Nico has developed and taught a number of different MSc-level courses including Project Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Business Development and Innovation, and Introduction to Consultancy. The latest course development project is 'Law and Innovation', a summer course that brought together Science and Law students to practice how to tackle complex societal problems in creative and innovative ways. Nico has a key interest in finding good ways of bringing university students in contact with real problems and enabling them to experience how they can contribute to solving concrete problems based on their personal and academic skills and competencies.

John Ingram

John leads the Food Systems Group at the University of Oxford's Environmental Change Institute. His interests are in the conceptual framing of food systems; the interactions among the many actors involved and their varied activities, and the outcomes of their activities for food security, livelihoods and environment; and food system resilience. He has designed and led regional food system research projects in Europe, south Asia, southern Africa and the Caribbean and has conceived, developed and/or led a range of major international research initiatives. He has had substantial interaction with FAO, UN Environment, the CGIAR and many other international organisations, with national departments and agencies, with NGOs, and with businesses in the food sector helping to establish research on the links between food security and environment through the analysis of food systems. In addition to leading the food systems research group within ECI, he also leads the multi-university post-graduate 'Interdisciplinary Food Systems Teaching and Learning' programme (IFSTAL) and coordinates the UK Global Food Security programme 'Resilience of the UK Food System'. He is an Associate Professor in Oxford's School of Geography and the Environment, and Senior Research Fellow at Somerville College.

Elin McCallum

Elin has specialised in entrepreneurial education for the past 15 years. After 12 years in education and economic development policy roles with Welsh Government and European Commission, she co-founded Bantani Education in 2016 to drive this work forward. Bantani is a non-profit involved in building networks and new collaborations, creating new ways to innovate and experiment in the area of entrepreneurial learning, and working as a strong advocate of the EU EntreComp framework. The organisation now works with European Commission, JRC, United Nations, European Training Foundation, national governments and a range of project partners around the world. Elin has contributed to a wide range of publications including EU policy guidance, Eurydice studies on entrepreneurship and citizenship education, global practice compendiums and as author of the recent 'EntreComp into Action' publication by the European Commission.

David Rae

David Rae is Professor of Enterprise and Director of the Centre for Enterprise & Innovation at Leicester Castle Business School, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.
David is a leading innovator, researcher and expert in entrepreneurship and small business leadership, learning and management. He has held senior academic roles as Executive Dean, Director and Professor at six universities in the UK and in Canada. He is a Director of Enterprise Educators UK and Fellow of the Institute for Small Business