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ICA-Edu Colloquium 2021 Programme | Print |

 Action to keep the entrepreneurial genie out of the bottle! 
Engaging students with sustainable entrepreneurial education in your curriculum

to be held from 26 May to 28 May 2021

at the University of Copenhagen , Denmark

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Wednesday 26 May

Session 1 The role and implementation of Student Innovation Hubs

What are the criteria for the success of a student incubator hub– proof of principle, proof of concept and customer validation. Students IPR. Credits for students. Involvement of Faculty

 15.00 Registration and Coffee at Department of Food and Resource Economics, Copenhagen University
 15.30 Depart by bus to Science Innovation Hub at Copenhagen University
 16.00  Visit to the Science Innovation Hub part of UCPH Innovation Hub for Copenhagen University students
   Overview of the aims and operation of the Hub
• Two models for student engagement
• Presentation by two students
• Roundtable discussions with one student per table
 19.00  Tapas dinner at the Hub


Thursday 27 May


Welcome by Dr Henrik Zobbe, Faculty Director, Faculty of Science, UCPH 

Session 1 – continued: The role and implementation of Student Innovation Hubs

9.15 Report back by delegates on experience gained from discussion on Wednesday at the Copenhagen Science Innovation Hub by the round table discussion group leaders.  Discussion supported by Dorthe Lynnerup UCPH Science Innovation Hub
10.00 Keynote: Alternative models for engagement of students in innovation hubs: experience from the Copenhagen Business School and the Technical University of Denmark.
Karina Rothoff Brix, Director Learn for Life, Technical University of Denmark, DK (confirmed)
10.30  Coffee break
11.00 Keynote: The evolution of the Wageningen Student Innovation Hub
Lisa Ploum, Wageningen University and Research (WUR), NL (confirmed)

Session 2 Curriculum models for the development of students' entrepreneurial sustainable competences

Keywords: Curriculum models for the development of students' sustainable entrepreneurial competences, and support for reflection and validation of curriculum models.

11.30 Keynote: Validating models for embedding entrepreneurial competences across the curriculum
Mikkel Trym, Educational Consultant, Climate-Kic Nordic, DTU (confirmed)
12.00  Lunch
12.45 Keynote: eLearning course Ecosystem Services Entrepreneurship: from ideas to business
Davide Pettenella, University of Padova, IT (confirmed)
  Keynote: CASE project: the curriculum of the MSc Sustainability-driven Entrepreneurship
Michael Ambros, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU), AT (confirmed)
  Short contributions from delegates
15.00 Coffee break
15.30 Roundtable discussions groups
The focus will be on validating the sustainable entrepreneurship competence model developed by Wageningen University in light of the presentations in Sessions 1 and 2. The focus for the discussion will be on embedding on sustainable entrepreneurship across the curriculum. See the summary of the ICA-Edu Colloquium 2019
16.30 Report back
17.00 Closure day 2
17.00 ICA-Edu General Assembly including election of the Chair of ICA-Edu
19.30 Dinner at the Meyers Restaurant in the Tower at Christiansborg, downtown Copenhagen

Friday 28 May

Session 3 Approaches to validating the success in developing my students' entrepreneurial competences.

Keywords: Reflection on my success in developing my students' entrepreneurial competences. Alternative forms of assessment to measure my students' entrepreneurial sustainable competences. Developing students' capacity to reflect on their achievements and develop actions for further development of those skills.

9.00 Keynote: Comparative judgement: an alternative approach for the assessment of students' entrepreneurial competences
Marije Lesterhuis, Comproved/ University of Antwerp, Antwerp, BE (confirmed) 
9.30 Keynote: Supporting reflection of my engagement with students to develop their entrepreneurial skills
Kåre Moberg, The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Odense, DK (confirmed)
10.00 Coffee Break
10.30 Short contributions from delegates of experience gained with alternative approaches
11.15 Roundtable discussion
12.15 Report back and Wrap up
13.00 Closure and lunch

download the flyer