Benefit of ICA Membership

  • Networking
  • Professional updating
  • Representation of the interests of life sciences in Europe and globally

ICA benefits individuals, institutions and life sciences as a whole

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How will my institution benefit?


ICA organises and promotes projects/initiatives/conferences that enhance networking in the life sciences to share expertise and understanding. Attendance at ICA conferences and workshops supports the establishment of communities of practice in which the members build confidence in each others capabilities which lead to new initiatives.

Professional updating

ICA’s conferences and workshops for faculty, researchers and university leaders serve as a forum to discuss innovative practice and concerns, and act as a clearinghouse for information exchange and updates on strategic issues. These conferences and workshops are regularly organised in association with the Standing Committees and our associated international networks (APLU, CEDIA, GCHERA), the topics focusing on education and research.

European dimension

ICA organises and promotes joint EU applications, supplies member institutions with EU information, and articulates the priorities for life science universities within the European Higher Education and Research Areas.


Will your institution become a member of ICA?

Membership of ICA is open to individual higher education institutions which have a focus in the life sciences relating to agriculture, forestry, food, natural resources, rural development and the environment.

  • Full membership is open to higher education institutions which are from countries which are signatures to the Bologna Process.
  • Asscoiate membership is open to higher education institutions from countries outside the area covered by the Bologna Process agreement. Application for Associate Membership can also be made by educational organisations which relate to ICA’s discipline area but which are not higher educational institutions.

The Full normal annual membership subscription for an institution is 1250€.  Institutions with less than 1000 students (full time equivalent) in the relevant disciplines may pay a reduced subscription of 625€ from.

The Associate annual membership subscription for an institution is 625€. Associate members have no voting rights at the ICA General Assembly but do benefit from reduced members registration fees for conferences and other events.

We look forward to welcoming your institution to the ICA-network of higher education institutions and working with you in the future.  If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me or Simon Heath, Secretary General ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

Download your Full Membership Application Form or Associate Membership Application Form